About the Theatre

L. Ron Hubbard Theatre Presents Golden Age Radio Hour

Radio theatre has a rich and storied tradition. Developed in the 1920s and growing in popularity over the next several decades, it’s a form of dramatic entertainment that, in its heyday, brought family and friends together, as they gathered around the radio to share in thrilling adventures, raucous comedies and compelling mysteries. Millions of listeners tuned in to listen to the broadcasts, featuring the top actors of the time.

Richard Reich, Jim Meskimen, Lee Burns performing The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, established in 1997, is dedicated to recreating that extraordinary experience for today’s audience—going back to the roots of true Hollywood entertainment.

Technological advances in special effects and sound design enable us to enhance the experience and engage the audience in dramatic and surprising new ways. Come see—and hear—for yourself at the Golden Age Radio Hour. It’s a weekly live performance, delivered by notable Hollywood actors, dramatizing a wide variety of remarkable stories written by L. Ron Hubbard during the Golden Age of popular American fiction.

From science fiction and fantasy to action/adventure to romance and westerns, Mr. Hubbard published more than 200 works of fiction under 15 different pennames in the 1930s and 40s. Now beautifully republished and repackaged, they are available in the Stories from the Golden Age series—in paperback editions as well as in multi-cast audio dramas. To find out more, go to the Audiobook page on the site.

Phil Proctor, Karen Black and RF Daley performing in He Didn't Like Cats But to see them unfold before your eyes, come to the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, in the heart of Hollywood, for an unforgettable family-friendly experience. The town’s top talent dramatize stirring stories from the past that speak to you today. They’ll open your eyes, touch your heart and spark your imagination—every Saturday night. The Golden Age Radio Hour is time well spent.

“It’s a unique, rarely seen form of family entertainment where—yes!—one’s own fertile imagination is required.” —LA Weekly

“Southern California’s most refreshing, unique entertainment experience is taking place right in the heart of tinsel town.” —Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio

Shows are followed by a reception where you can meet the actors, mingle and relax with friends and family.

For more information, call L. Ron Hubbard Theatre at (323) 798-1635.