L. Ron Hubbard Theatre

“Boomerang Bomber” on Stage Feb 21 & 28

This coming weekend, the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre group will be performing “Boomerang Bomber.” Former US Army officer Clint Ragen undertakes a mission for the Chinese only to end up in the crosshairs of Japan’s Imperial military. In a world of double- and triple-crosses, this is one conflict that can only be settled in battle—in the sky.

This aviation thriller is also available in the book The Sky-Crasher. In Sky-Crasher, ace pilot Caution Jones hangs up his wings and leaves flying behind after the loss of his father in a plane accident. Jones, however, is about to find that if you want to get anywhere, you have to throw caution to the wind.

To get your copy of the book to read or to get the unabridged audiobook adaptation to listen to a movie, click here.

If you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles this weekend, join us at the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre in the heart of Hollywood for the radio theatre performance of “Boomerang Bomber.” Tickets can be purchased at the door or online.


“No Greater Love” on Stage Feb 14, 2015

The love of flight, the love of a man and the love for one’s father. There should be no competition. But when the stunningly irresistible movie star arrives to seduce the man she loves, a young woman pilot must prove her love, as well as braving a blizzard to fly emergency medical supplies to the scene of a disaster. When she finds herself stranded high in the Rockies in her downed plane and in need of rescue…

Starring Marisol Nichols (from NCIS, 24, Law & Order, CSI), Victoria Summer (Saving Mr. Banks), Taron Lexton, Skip Harris, Robert F. Lyons, Jimmy Weldon and musical guest Jule Michel.

About the Golden Age Radio Hour

Radio theatre has a rich and storied tradition. Developed in the 1920s and growing in popularity over the next several decades, it’s a form of dramatic entertainment that, in its heyday, brought family and friends together, as they gathered around the radio to share in thrilling adventures, raucous comedies and compelling mysteries. Millions of listeners tuned in to listen to the broadcasts, featuring the top actors of the time.

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, established in 1997, is dedicated to recreating that extraordinary experience for today’s audience—going back to the roots of true Hollywood entertainment. –more–