Writers of the Future Volume 9


Writers of the Future Volume 9


17 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field: L. Ron Hubbard, Dave Wolverton, Julius Schwartz, Octavia E. Butler and Kevin J. Anderson.

Writers of the Future Volume 9

Find out why. . .

She wanted a computer program that would map a man’s soul. She didn’t like what she found.

The old Eskimo could hear the animals speak, but just couldn’t give them what they asked for.

Find out how. . .

Socrates saves the future of ape-kind.

A medieval hit man discovers the meaning of life.

The engineer knew the box was not from this world.

Find out if. . .

The woman brought mercy or murder.

A slave’s manacles can become his salvation.

These are just some of the adventures that await. . .


Introduction by Dave Wolverton
Fire by Elizabeth E. Wein, illustrated by Yuri Galitsin
An Afternoon with George by Steve Duff, illustrated by William Sala
Ghosts of the Fall by Sean Williams, illustrated by Denis Martynec
Story Vitality by L. Ron Hubbard
Borealis by D.A. Houdek, illustrated by Jessie J. Flores
The Dictates by Vaughn Heppner, illustrated by Jody C. McMurrian
The Monitor by John Richard C. DeRose, illustrated by Brian Lee Durfee
Adjusting the Moon by Karawynn Long, illustrated by Sebastijan Camagajevac
The Witchin’ Man by Douglas Jole, illustrated by Lubov Nicolaeva
Breaking into Comics by Julius Schwartz
Memorese of Tommy by Pete D. Manison, illustrated by Sergei Khristosenko
Los Muertos by Lisa Smedman, illustrated by Mike Roberts
Lady’s Portrait, Executed in Archaic Colors by Charles M. Saplak, illustrated by Brian Lee Durfee
No Excuses: Finding Time to Write by Kevin J. Anderson
Cinders of the Great War by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, illustrated by Lubov Nicolaeva
Messages by Stoney Compton, illustrated by Mike Roberts
M, by Lisa Maxwell, illustrated by Gary Davis
Furor Scribendi by Octavia E. Butler
A Child’s Handful of the Moon, illustrated by Jessie J. Flores
The Children China Made by Tom Drennan, illustrated by William Sala
Entropy, and the Strangler by Eric Flint, illustrated by Anthony Carpenter
About the Contests by Dave Wolverton

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