Writers of the Future Volume 5


Writers of the Future Volume 5


16 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field: L. Ron Hubbard, Algis Budrys, Jane Yolen and Frank Kelly-Freas.

Writers of the Future Volume 5

“One of the best collections of new SF I’ve ever seen.” —Arthur C. Clarke

“These stories represent the best of the fresh talent in the field. . . .” —Gene Wolfe

“Opening new trails into the worlds of SF. . . .” —Jack Williamson

“There’s an explosion of talent in these pages.” —Rocky Mountain News

“The bestselling SF anthology series of all time.” —Locus Magazine


Introduction by Algis Budrys 
Daddy’s Girls by K.D. Wentworth
The Nomalers by Jamil Nasir
Blue Shift by Stephen M. Baxter
Just Don’t by Eolake
Stobblehouse Circulate by L. Ron Hubbard 
Rachel’s Wedding by Virginia Baker 
The Wallet and Maudie by Dan’l Danehy-Oakes & Alan Wexelblat
Dear Mom by Stephen C. Fischer
A Little Womanly Advice by Marta Randall
Prosthetic Lady by Paula May
Despite and Still by Marc Matz 
A Walk by Moonlight by Mark Anthony
Wisdoms & Warnings: Writing SF for Younger Readers by Jane Yolen 
Starbird by J. Steven 
York A Ghost in the Matrix by Steve Martindale 
Under Ice by C.W. Johnson 
The Magic Picture by Hal Clement
The Disambiguation of Captain Shroud by Gary Shockley
Writing for the Future by Algis Budrys 
Illustrating for the Future by Frank Kelly-Freas 
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