Writers of the Future Volume 23

Writers of the Future Volume 23

Writers of the Future Volume 23


13 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field: L. Ron Hubbard, Algis Budrys, Kevin J. Anderson and Judith Miller.

Writers of the Future Volume 23

Imagine . . .

Returning to historical incidents through time travel—where reality TV takes on entirely new dimensions . . .

Facing an ancient evil that has been unleashed upon the world.

What you would do if ancient statues across the globe started mouthing a code—which you deciphered as a countdown to an unknown event happening in just eight days from now?

The possibility of mummified cells being used to regenerate people long dead?

Suppose . . .

All creative genius resides in certain neurons—that can be ripped out and sold to the highest bidder.

The greatest symphony of all time has been composed, but the orchestra is out of this world.

A military experiment to see into the future reveals more than anyone wanted to know.

Dream . . .

That man has been the only sentient life in our galaxy, until one day, on a frozen moon . . .

Being able to instantaneously traverse the galaxies by means of the Span.

Awakening to find yourself in another body, in another city, on another planet—and have no idea how you got there.

Wonder . . .

How handcrafted glass art is both beautiful and irresistibly alluring—especially when enchanted with magic.

What would be the outcome if man’s technology finally turned on him?

Will man’s journey to space always be opposed?

These are just some of the adventures that await…


Introduction by Algis Budrys
Primetime by Douglas Texter, Illustrated by Randall Ensley
The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom by Andrea Kail, Illustrated by Yuliya Kostyuk
The Frozen Sky by Jeff Carlson, Illustrated by Bogdan Stetsenko
Art and Communication by L. Ron Hubbard
The Stone Cipher by Tony Pi, Illustrated by Lars Edwards
Obsidian Shards by Aliette de Bodard, Illustrated by Marcus Collins
Ripping Carovella by Kim Zimring, Illustrated by Artem Mirolevich
If I Only Had the Time by Kevin J. Anderson
Our Last Words by Damon Kaswell, Illustrated by Amelia Mammoliti
Saturn in G Minor by Stephen Kotowych, Illustrated by Randall Ensley
By the Waters of the Ganga by Stephen Gaskell, Illustrated by Artem Mirolevich
Pilgrimage by Karl Bunker, Illustrated by Peter Town
Here’s the Thing . . . by Judith Miller
The Gas Drinkers by Edward Sevcik, Illustrated by Geir Lanesskog
The Phlogiston Age by Corey Brown, Illustrated by Bryan Beus
Mask Glass Magic by John Burridge, Illustrated by Lorraine Schleter

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