Writers of the Future Volume 21


Writers of the Future Volume 21


15 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field: L. Ron Hubbard, Algis Budrys and Nina Kiriki Hoffman.

Writers of the Future Volume 21

Escape . . .

What if the great Houdini had to escape from the devil himself?

How would you survive as a nonconformist in a world where virtually everyone was branded to a corporation?

A treemage who has betrayed his forest must one day return and face up to his past.

Imagine . . .

You must descend into the mile-high flue of a turbine power generator, with a 65?C updraft blowing at hurricane speed.

Daylight comes, and your Angel tries to kill you.

Suppose . . .

Your gift to the new king winds up burning his castle down.

Living in a world where the story of your life is literally controlled by your editor.

What if our futures can be fashioned by “Time Sculptors”?

Dream . . .

How would you deal with a job that required you die and be reborn every fifty years?

Is there a future in virtual retirement communities?

The church decreed that the souls of sinners must be captured and confined for eternity. But what if the captured soul isn’t a sinner?

Wonder . . .

What do we really know about the little people who live in the hedges that grow around the meadows?

How would you handle a rebellious teenage daughter within the first colony on Mars?

If the magic of a witch isn’t strong enough to match that of a wizard, the smartest thing for her to do is . . .

These are just some of the adventures that await…


Introduction by Algis Budrys
In the Flue by John Schoffstall, Illustrated by Alex Quintero
Needle Child by M.T. Reiten, Illustrated by Youri Bobrikov
The Story of His Life by David W. Goldman, Illustrated by Michael Wohlwend
Introducing “Tomorrow’s Miracles” by L. Ron Hubbard
Green Angel by Sean A. Tinsley, Illustrated by Ali Hilton
The Firebird by Andrew Gudgel, Illustrated by Youri Bobrikov
My Daughter, the Martian by Sidra M.S. Vitale, Illustrated by Alex Quintero
Meeting the Sculptor by Floris M. Kleijne, Illustrated by Cornelius Cockroft
Seven Keys to Writing Success by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Into the Blank Where Life is Hurled by Ken Scholes, Illustrated by Erik Valdez y Alanis,
Mars Hath No Fury Like a Pixel Double-Crossed by Stephen R. Stanley, Illustrated by
Alex Paramonov
Blackberry Witch by Scott M. Roberts, Illustrated by Perrin Hendrick
Betrayer of Trees by Eric James Stone, Illustrated by Steven V. Popovich
Deadglass by Lon Prater, Illustrated by Perrin Hendrick
Last Dance at the Sergeant Majors’ Ball by Cat Sparks, Illustrated by Michael Brenner
Annus Mirabilis by Mike Rimar, Illustrated by Steven V. Popovich
The Keeper Alone by Michael Livingston, Illustrated by Olga Madiar

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