Writers of the Future Volume 20


Writers of the Future Volume 20


15 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field: Algis Budrys, Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverberg, William J. Widder, Kevin J. Anderson and Vincent di Fate.

Writers of the Future Volume 20

Escape . . .

Uploading his mind into a computer gave Kenneth perfect recall. So why can’t he remember what happened to his body?

On the harsh landscape of Mars, a monk yearns to be free of his weak flesh and walk in glory across the orange plains. . . .

Living a lie can take its toll, even on the world’s greatest assassin.

Imagine . . .

The first human child born to an alien world is lonely. But in his dreams he’s never alone. . . .

When her best friend Madgie abandons the long Sleep, Junie Carter must face her own fears—or risk dreaming her life away. . . .

The Harvester took his family, his heritage, his freedom. Now, captured and caged, Markus’s very life hangs in the balance. Literally.

Suppose . . .

Space exploration requires rapid assessment of considerable data at once. How this is done can be quite a challenge—especially if that explorer is a chimpanzee.

Khren, indebted through deathbond, has spent two decades toiling for the greedy humans. But what will his answer be when they ask him to kill for them?

Dream . . .

A self-absorbed concert pianist, crippled by illness, volunteers as the first subject of an ambitious bioengineering project.

In a far-future Earth, when the very definition of humanity has been amended, what are the limits of the soul?

These are just some of the adventures that await. . . .


The Nature of Creativity by Algis Budrys
On Our Twentieth Anniversary by William J. Widder
Monkey See, Monkey Deduce by Jonathan Laden, Illustrated by Laura Diehl
Bottomless by Luc Reid, Illustrated by Robert Drozd
Flotsam by Bradley P. Beaulieu, Illustrated by Shawn Gaddy
Kinship by Jason Stoddard, Illustrated by Brian Carl Petersen
In Memory by Eric James Stone, Illustrated by Luis G. Morales
On the Writing of Speculative Fiction by Robert A. Heinlein
The Key by Blair MacGregor, illustrated by Yancy Betterly
Cancilleri’s Law by Gabriel F.W. Koch, illustrated by Douglas Pakidko
Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter by Joy Remy, illustrated by Brian C. Reed
Twenty Years! by Robert Silverberg
Conversation with a Mechanical Horse by Floris M. Kleijne, illustrated by Matt Taggart
The Weapons of the Lord are not Carnal by Andrew Tisbert, illustrated by Fabrizio Pacitti
Sunrunners by Matthew Champine, illustrated by Beth Anne Zaiken
State of the Art by Vincent di Fate
Shipwoman by Roxanne Hutton, illustrated by Laura Diehl
Last Days of the Madhi by Tom Pendergrass, illustrated by Matt Taggart
Asleep in the Forest of the Tall Cats by Kenneth Brady, illustrated by Beth Anne Zaiken
False Summits by Kevin J. Anderson
The Plastic Soul of a Note by William T. Katz, illustrated by Luis G. Morales

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