Writers of the Future Volume 19


Writers of the Future Volume 19


13 Award-winning short stories including articles on writing and art by leading professionals in the field such as Algis Budrys and Sean Williams.

Escape . . .

Sometime a boy’s only role model is his bicycle.

For some people, rain is a commonplace inconvenience. For Rafe and Snowy, it is the center of existence.

Nothing changed after First Contact. Nothing, that is, except art.


The life of a brigand is reshaped by Crusader hands.

The Bwotik offered us peace, but it was a peace with no assurances, no commerce, a peace with no assurances, no commerce,

a peace that protected their secrets. In other words, a peace we couldn’t accept.

The creature lying in the field was dark, deadly and the only treasure they’d ever possessed.

Suppose . . .

A sword and its wielder break the most honorable of traditions.

Virtual reality had a generation who knew no murder, no violent crime, no human contact. Or had it?


A dog and his boy walk the long road to high orbit to get back to the Gardens.

How far would Annie go to create the perfect lover.

Sometimes, even gods can’t just walk away.

These are just some of the adventures that await…


Introduction by Algis Budrys
Numbers by Joel Best, illustrated by Mike Lawrence
Trust is a Child by Matthew Candelaria, illustrated by Nina Ollikainen
A Boy and His Bicycle by Carl Frederick, illustrated by Jared Barber
A Few Days North of Vienna by Brandon Butler, illustrated by Staci Goddard
A Ship That Bends by Luc Reid, illustrated by Mike Lawrence
Bury My Heart at the Garrick by Steve Savile, illustrated by Vance Kelly
A Silky Touch to No Man by Robert J Defendi, illustrated by Youa Vang
Dark Harvest by Geoffrey Girard, illustrated by Jared Barber
From All the Work Which He Had Made by Michael Churchman, illustrated by Adrian Barbu
Beautiful Singer by Steve Bein, illustrated by Lulkien
Gossamer by Ken Liu, illustrated by Nina Ollikainen
Ten Years After by Sean Williams
Walking Rain by Ian Keane, illustrated by Daniel Willis
Blood and Horses by Myke Kole, illustrated by Britt Spencer
Into the Gardens of Sweet Night by Jay Lake, illustrated by Asuka Komai


ISBN: 978-1-59212-165-6
Price: $7.99
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 548