[Collection] Mystery & Suspense Package


[Collection] Mystery & Suspense Package


Get caught up in webs of intrigue, betrayal, and cold-blooded murder as tough guys and gorgeous gals dish up the danger in tales of Mystery and Suspense.

Includes 11 Mystery Titles: Brass Keys to Murder, Cargo of Coffins, The Carnival of Death, The Chee-Chalker, Dead Men Kill, False Cargo, Hurricane, Killer’s Law, Mouthpiece, The Slickers and Spy Killer

“This horror/mystery tale roars to life through the kaleidoscopic auditory fabric of its carnival setting.” —Publishers Weekly

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The Mystery & Suspense Package includes:

Brass Keys to Murder: Navy Lieutenant Steve Craig is in accused of murdering his own father. And now the plot’s about to get down and dirty. Determined to find out who took his father’s life—even if it means risking his own—Steve follows a trail of smoke and mirrors and sudden violence to a terrible truth and an astonishing secret that will change his life forever.

Cargo of Coffins: Lars Marlin has escaped from Devil’s Island and come face to face with the man who put him there—Paco Corvino. Now the two are off to sea serving on a luxury yacht and not since Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh set sail on the Bounty have two more heated enemies been in the same boat. Lars is determined to find out what Corvino has up his sleeve … and what killer cargo he’s hiding on board. But the yacht owner’s daughter is a beautiful—and dangerous—distraction. Will Lars be safe in her arms … or is she part of Corvino’s plot—a trap set with honey?

The Carnival of Death: In the movie The Big Sleep, Bogart as Philip Marlowe follows a trail of decadence and murder on the dark side of LA. But even that pales in comparison to the freak show found by undercover US narcotics agent Bob Clark … in The Carnival of Death. Clark’s investigation begins with cocaine and leads to two headless corpses. Who is behind the slaughter? There are plenty of distractions—bright lights and beautiful girls—but Clark better find the murderers fast. Because the next head that rolls could be his own. Also includes: “The Death Flyer”

The Chee-Chalker: Chee-Chalker: a newcomer or tenderfoot. Bill Norton might be new to Ketchikan but he’s no tenderfoot. In fact, he’s an FBI agent—savvy, tough and resourceful. Norton’s looking for his boss, who vanished investigating a heroin smuggling ring. What Norton finds is murder … and a heart-stopping heiress. But is she, too, mixed up in the heroin trade? It will take all of Norton’s CSI-like skills to squeeze out the truth.

Dead Men Kill: Detective-Sergeant Terry Lane is a tough standout cop who thought he’d seen it all … until now. But he’s never seen a murder spree like this. The evidence is clear: The killers have not emerged from the underside of the city, but from six feet under it—the walking dead. And if Lane doesn’t think outside the box … he could end up inside one, buried alive.

Hurricane: In The Great Escape and Papillon, Steve McQueen embodied the tough guy on the run. But when it comes to toughness, McQueen is following in the footsteps of Captain Spar. Wrongfully accused, Spar has been condemned to Devil’s Island. But now, escaping, he’s out to kill the man who put him there. A storm is brewing, but even in the face of natural disaster, Spar discovers that nothing is more dangerous than human nature.

Killer’s Law: Sheriff Kyle of Deadeye, Nevada, is headed east to the nation’s capital. Kyle’s about to discover that the law can be even wilder in the big city than in the Wild West. It’s a fact that hits home when he’s accused of murder. Welcome to Washington, DC, where corruption and intrigue are all in a day’s work. Kyle’s got no alibi, no memory and apparently doesn’t have a prayer unless he can find a way to outwit and outfox the masters of deception and double-crosses. Also includes: “They Killed Him Dead,” “The Mad Dog Murder” and “The Blow Torch Murder”

Mouthpiece: Imagine that your father is one of New York City’s top gangsters, he’s been murdered … and you’re the only person who gives a damn. Meet Mat Lawrence, a stand-up guy who’s out for revenge. But there’s even more at stake. Because when Mat’s old man went down, a million dollars went missing. Put it all together—a cold-blooded murder and a cool million gone—and it’s a pretty good bet that the one thing Mat is sure to find is some serious heat. Also includes: “Flame City,” “Calling Squad Cars!” and “The Grease Spot”

The Slickers: Tex Larimee, a grizzled sheriff, leaving the deserts of Cactus County, Arizona behind and blazing a trail east to mix it up with The Slickers in the canyons of New York. Robbed of his cash, gun and badge and accused of murdering his best friend, Tex’s welcome to the city is a rude one. But he’s got a few tricks of his own up his sleeve—and in his recovered Colt .45—to make even the toughest of city birds sing a different tune. Also includes: “Killer Ape” and “Murder Afloat”

Spy Killer: Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award Winner American Sailor Kurt Reid is a hothead, scrappy and rough around the edges. Falsely accused of murder, Reid jumps ship in Shanghai—and lands in a web of intrigue, betrayal and murder. Drawn into a deadly spy game, he’ll have to learn the rules fast, because with players like sexy Russian agent Varinka Savischna, the game is as seductive as it is sinister.

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