[Collection] Western Package


[Collection] Western Package


Turn to a Western for the best of the Wild West—in stories that bring to life the men and women who blazed a violent trail across the American frontier.

This package includes these 10 Western titles: The Baron of Coyote River, Branded Outlaw, Cattle King for a Day, Death Waits at Sundown, Devil's Manhunt, The Magic Quirt, Shadows from Boot Hill, Six-Gun Caballero, The Toughest Ranger and Under the Diehard Brand

”Heart-racing plot charges at the speed of thrumming horses&rsquo: hooves.“ —Library Journal

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Western Fiction Package includes:

The Baron of Coyote River: Lance Gordon’s running out of time. He’s killed the man who murdered his father and now he has a price on his head. Like Alan Ladd in Shane, Lance wants to live in peace, but he’ll have to go through hell to get there. He heads for the one place no lawman will go—into the territory ruled by the feared king of the cattle rustlers. Taking on the Baron is his last chance—as Lance vows to redeem himself … or die trying. Also includes: “Reign of the Gila Monster”

Branded Outlaw: Audio Publishers Association Audie Finalist Lee Weston is as good-looking as he is quick tempered and he’s got a lot to be angry about. His father murdered, his family ranch torched, he goes gunning for Harvey Dodge—the man who he’s convinced is the killer. But it’s Lee who ends up shot and on the verge of death. But he’s nursed back to life—by Harvey’s beautiful daughter. Can a great loss lead to a great love? The answer lies in the wild heart of the Wild West.

Cattle King for a Day: Forged in the hot sun and sand of the Arizona desert, Chinook Shannon is as tough as they come—as steely-eyed and tall in the saddle as Randolph Scott. But now in Montana, he faces a challenge as big as the territory itself. Somebody has killed his grandfather and wants to steal the family ranch. Chinook’s got exactly twenty-four hours to find the killer and become the Cattle King, knowing he has only one ally—his Colt Peacemaker. Also includes: “Come and Get It”

Death Waits at Sundown: International Book Awards Winner Lynn Taylor and his kid brother Frank have landed on the wrong side of a corrupt lawman. And like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they’re up to their necks in trouble. Frank’s been framed for murder and it’s up to Lynn to make sure his brother doesn’t end up guest of dishonor at a hanging party. Lynn’s got a plan, but it means going outlaw himself and if he’s caught, it’ll be his neck on the line. Also includes: “Ride ’Em, Cowboy” and “Boss of the Lazy B”

Devil’s Manhunt: International Book Awards Winner and AudioFile Best Voice Award Winner Tim Beckdolt is as American as the frontier itself, as rangy and self-reliant as a young Jimmy Stewart. He has spent eight hard months digging $175,000 in gold out of Arizona’s Desperation Peak—but two strangers have taken his gold and now they want to take his life. In a place where the only law is the law of survival, Beckdolt will have to live by his wits … or die by the bullet. Also includes: “Johnny, the Town Tamer” and “Stranger in Town”

The Magic Quirt: Old Laramie’s a good cook, but not good for much more than that. But his luck—and his life—are about to take an amazing turn. Getting his hands on the magic quirt, suddenly Laramie starts performing feats of courage that would make even the Lone Ranger proud. But magic is a funny thing—and as Laramie’s about to discover, sometimes it’s all an illusion. Also includes: “Vengeance Is Mine!” and “Stacked Bullets”

Shadows from Boot Hill: As a young man Monte Calhoun thought the measure of a man was how hard he could drink and how straight he can shoot. But several years back East have changed him. He has become The No-Gun Man. Monte’s civilized now … even if that means refusing to avenge the murder of his own father. But in a land of outlaws and ambushes, it’s only a question of how far Monte will be pushed before he pushes back … with a vengeance. Also includes: “Man for Breakfast”

Six-Gun Caballero: Michael Patrick Obañon is handsome, charming and totally outgunned. Obañon’s lost his New Mexico spread—and he could lose his life if he’s not careful. A ruthless band of renegades have seized his land and he’s determined to get it back. Part Irish, part Mexican, Obañon is as American as they come—crafty, confident and cool under fire—and before he’s done the world will know how the West will be won.

The Toughest Ranger: Saddle tramp Petey McGuire has been kicked around so long, he’d run away from his own shadow if he could. But there’s one fight he can’t run from—the fight against hunger. Petey needs a job quick. But the only way to get one is to act cool and talk tough. And he succeeds all too well—landing in the saddle with the Arizona Rangers … where he learns exactly what it takes to face the meanest outlaw and win the prettiest girl. Also includes: “The Ranch at No One Would Buy” and “Silent Pards”

Under the Diehard Brand: Eighteen-year-old Lee Thompson has a chip on his shoulder and a mission in his heart to save his dad, an aging sheriff who’s lost control of his town. Lee’s plan is a dangerous one—mix in with the desperadoes and risk death at their hand. But sometimes, the only way to restore the law is to break it. Also includes: “Hoss Tamer” and “The Ghost Town Gun-Ghost”


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