[Collection] Military & War Package


[Collection] Military & War Package


Experience the courage, fear, hopes and desires of soldiers and civilians on the front lines, in the heat of battle, in these explosive tales of Military & War.

This package includes 10 titles: The Falcon Killer, Hell's Legionnaire, Hostage to Death, On Blazing Wings, Orders Is Orders, The Phantom Patrol, Red Death Over China, Sabotage in the Sky, Wing-Gone-Mad and While Bugles Blow!

“Epitomizes the thrills that readers sought out.” —Publishers Weekly

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The Military & War Package includes:

The Falcon Killer: The Chinese city of Nencheng is in flames and now the Japanese have set their sights on an oil-rich kingdom. China’s only hope falls from the sky—their ace fighter pilot, American Bill Gaylord. He’s the guy every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. He parachutes into the arms of the one woman who gives him reason to live—and rejoin the fight against Japan. His prey is in sight and catching it will change everything for The Falcon Killer.

Hell’s Legionnaire: American Ann Halliday is as fiery as the Sahara sun. And now she’s feeling some real heat, as the prize captive of the Berber known as “The Killer.” But Dusty Colton, an American deserter from the French Foreign Legion, has a different idea. Can they team up and turn evil on its head? One thing’s for sure—between Ann and the Hell’s Legionnaire, the temperature is about to get even hotter. Also includes: “The Barbarians” and “The Squad That Never Came Back”

Hostage to Death: For Lieutenant Bill Reilly, a Westerner at war in the desert, the dream of joining the Foreign Legion has turned into a nightmare. It all starts with a severed hand. In it is a message from a Berber chief: Save the American woman he holds captive or she’s next up for dismemberment. But it’s a trick, leading to a terrorist attack. But who set the trap? Caught in a triangle of treachery between the French, Spanish and native Berbers, Reilly’s only hope is to uncover the truth in a desert of deception.

On Blazing Wings: American fighter pilot David Duane believes in but one cause—his own. Duane has come to the icy white wastes of Scandinavia to wage a private war in the skies. Heading off to war in Europe, he sells his deadly skills to the highest bidder. But now he’s about to take off on a flight that will open his eyes—and his heart. Because sometimes you have to make a choice and for Duane, making the wrong one could cost him the woman he loves …

Orders Is Orders: The Chinese city of Shunkien is under siege by the Japanese. In the middle sits the United States Consulate, packed with refugees, facing starvation and cholera. Marine Gunnery Sergeant James Mitchell is their only hope. But he’ll have to negotiate 200 miles of bullets, bombs and one bombshell dancer to get there. And then his greatest enemy of all: alcohol. If he gives in to temptation, it’s America that will pay the price.

The Phantom Patrol: Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Johnny Trescott is as tough as they come. But he’s about to lose everything—his boat, his freedom and his identity. His mission is to track down drug runners, but a rescue mission leads straight to disaster. Stranded on an island by a smuggler, Johnny’s got nothing left to lose … and there’s nothing he won’t do to reclaim his name and his boat.

Red Death Over China: It is one of the greatest conflicts—and a pivotal turning point—in history … the Chinese Civil War. The outcome is in the hands of one American pilot, John Hampton, a man who couldn’t care less.… But just as this is a critical moment in time, so, too, is it about to become a defining moment in Hampton’s life. What is it that makes him see that there are things, other than money, that are worth fighting—and maybe even dying—for? The surprising answers spur him to undertake the ultimate mission in Red Death Over China. Also includes: “The Crate Killer” and “Wings Over Ethiopia”

Sabotage in the Sky: An obscure manuscript.… A tantalizing clue to a fabled burial site.… A chance to unearth a long-lost treasure. Indiana Jones would jump at the chance. But Lieutenant Jonathan Daly is way ahead of him. Criminals, secret agents and the entire Chinese army are all in the game, but the stakes are too high to let any of them stand in Daly’s way. He’s hot on The Trail of the Red Diamonds, but only God knows if Daly will dig up the stones … or end up buried with them. Also includes: “Hurricane’s Roar”

Wind-Gone-Mad: Who is Wind-Gone-Mad? He is an ace pilot, a fearless fighter and the ultimate defender of China. But like the storied hero Batman, he is also an enigma, a man in disguise, his true identity shrouded in mystery. To his ruthless nemesis, “The Butcher,” China is a side of beef to carve up and serve at his pleasure. But when Wind-Gone-Mad flies into the action, it may well be The Butcher who ends up being dead meat. Ultimately, the only thing more thrilling than the mystery man’s fighting spirit is the true nature of his identity.… Also includes:“Tah” and “Yellow Loot”

While Bugles Blow!: He’s a handsome American Lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion. She’s a beautiful woman who’s as fiery as the North African sun. And she’s all his—bought and paid for in the village square. Put them together and you’ve got fireworks. Two violent native tribes are determined to get their hands on the woman … even if it means unleashing an all-out war. Can the Lieutenant hold the fort against the onslaught? And does he have any idea of the secret in the woman’s past that could change everything?


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Length: Approx 20 hours