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In-Store Book Signing Events

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(above) Author Auston Habershaw signing Kevin J. Anderson’s book for him.

Now that the Writers of the Future Volume 31 has officially released, the newly published authors and artists are starting their in-store book signing tour. We’ve listed the upcoming events here, so check the listing for an event near you, stop by and get your copy of the book signed.

Writers of the Future Volume 31 In-Store Events

Date City Location Time Author/Illustrator  
May 8 Oceanside, CA B&N Oceanside 7-11 pm Steve Pantazis  
May 9 San Diego, CA Mysterious Galaxy 2 pm Steve Pantazis  
May 9 Dorchester, MA B&N Prudential Center 2-4 pm Auston Habershaw & Daniel Davis  
May 9 San Antonio, TX B&N Northwood 1-3 pm Zachary Chapman  
May 9 Tucson, AZ B&N Eastside 2-4 pm Alex Brock  
May 16 Bountiful, UT B&N Bountiful 1-3 pm Amy Hughes & Scott Parkin  
May 16 Hopkins, MI B&N Rivertown Crossing 1-4 pm Martin Shoemaker & Quinlan Septer
May 16 Denver, CO B&N Co Blvd II 1-3 pm Kevin J. Anderson & Peter Wacks  
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