Sci Fi & Fantasy


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  • Battlefield Earth book cover

  • Battlefield Earth: Introduction

    by L. Ron Hubbard
    Recently there came a period when I had little to do. This was novel in a life so crammed with busy years, and I decided to amuse myself by writing a novel that was pure science fiction.

    In the hard-driven times between 1930 and 1950, I was a professional writer not simply because it was my job, but because I wanted to finance more serious researches. …

  • Typewriter in the Sky book cover

  • Typewriter in the Sky: Introduction

    by Kevin J. Anderson
    I had always imagined being an author simply entailed wearing cable-knit sweaters and dangling an unlit pipe from one corner of the mouth, all the while waiting to be inspired by the elusive Muse. … –more–

  • Astounding Science Fiction magazine cover featuring The Dangerous Dimension

  • The Story Behind the Story: “The Dangerous Dimension”

    “The Dangerous Dimension,” L. Ron Hubbard’s first science fiction story was published in the July 1938 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Hubbard later said he considered it fantasy, but critical opinion has consistently embraced it as innovative science fiction. … –more–

  • scifi magazine logo

  • 21st Century Pulp Revival

    It often seems nowadays that the only book young sci-fi fans regularly read is Facebook. Fortunately, a couple of up-and-coming publishers have recently discovered that such ultramodern social networking outlets offer great opportunities …–more–