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  • Mysteries During the Golden Age of Pulps

    “Pulp paper never dreamed of posterity and most of it must be a dirty brown color by now.” Raymond Chandler wrote in his introduction to The Simple Art of Murder (1950), a collection of his early pulp stories.… They represent a slice of American literary history, and their value is immeasurable. –more–

  • The Story Behind the Story:
    “The Death Flyer”

    “The Death Flyer” is Hubbard’s earliest blending of mystery and the supernatural. In this superbly crafted story, a runaway passenger train speeds forever from the past into the future, racing toward an unknowable destiny.

    Originally published in April 1936. The basis for this story was his own trip to the Northeast as a civil engineer which he described in a 1935 Letter to the Editor. –more–

  • The Story Behind the Story:
    “The Blow Torch Murder”

    On the 13th of August in 1964, L. Ron Hubbard shared a humorous story which revealed one of his research sources which contributed to the authenticity of his detective fiction. (The below excerpt is taken from the audio recording of his talk.)

    “Back in the days when I was having a ball around New York as a writer the medical examiner of New York was a particular pal of mine.…–more–