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  • Final Blackout trade paperback book cover

  • Critical Acclaim for
    Final Blackout

    Few serials … have had the immediate impact of L. Ron Hubbard’s memorable account of the British officer known only as the Lieutenant. It appeared in 1940, when it seemed to some that the final blackout of Western civilization which he described was more than possible. Now that this war—or stage in the war—has passed, the grim fact remains that the story is one of our own future. –more–

  • The Story Behind the Story:
    “The Squad That Never Came Back”

    “The Squad That Never Came Back” was written by L. Ron Hubbard and published under a pen name in May 1935. It appeared as “An Amazing True Adventure by Legionnaire 148” Thrilling Adventures magazine.

    Within the Letters-to-the-Editor column, “The Globe-Trotter,” Legionnaire 148 gives his story: –more–

  • The Story Behind the Story:
    “He Walked to War”

    On October 1, 1935, L. Ron Hubbard was featured in the Letters-to-the-Editor column “The Camp-Fire” in the Adventure magazine. He gave some background for his US Marine Corps tale “He Walked to War.”

    L. Ron Hubbard joins our Writers’ Brigade with his leatherneck yarn, “He Walked to War.” Hubbard is a tall red-haired chap with a service background, his father being an officer. He introduces himself at the Camp-Fire. –more–