The Story Behind the Story: Sky Birds Dare

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On October 1, 1935, L. Ron Hubbard was featured in the Letters-to-the-Editor column “The Camp-Fire” in the Adventure magazine. He gave some background for his powerless flight tale Sky Birds Dare.

The Camp-Fire

“I was one convinced that the future of aviation lies in motorless flight. Accordingly I started gliding and soaring with the rest of the buzzards, and finally succeeded in establishing a record which has no official existence whatever and no reason, indeed, for existing. I traveled better than eighty miles an hour for twelve minutes in a soaring plane, maintaining the same altitude about an airport which is set on a flat plain. Answer: Heat lift from the circling concrete road.

“From there I went into power flight, the high spot of which came on a barnstorming trip through the Midwest in a five-lunged crate which staggered rather than flew. All one summer, I tried very hard to meet St. Pete, but evidently that gentleman either lost my name from the roll or my luck is far better than I think it is.”

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