Historical Fiction


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  • Mister Tidwell, Gunner book cover

  • The Story Behind the Story: Mister Tidwell Gunner

    L. Ron Hubbard wrote an article entitled “Search for Research.” In it, he shares the story behind his story Mister Tidwell, Gunner and how he came to write it.

    “A short time ago I began to search for research on the theory that if I could get a glimmering of anything lying beyond a certain horizon, I could go deep enough to find an excellent story. –more–

  • Sky Birds Dare book cover

  • The Story Behind the Story:
    Sky Birds Dare!

    On October 1, 1935, L. Ron Hubbard was featured in the Letters-to-the-Editor column “The Camp-Fire” in the Adventure magazine. He gave some background for his powerless flight tale Sky Birds Dare!

    “I was one convinced that the future of aviation lies in motorless flight. Accordingly I started gliding and soaring with the rest of the buzzards … –more–