The Story Behind the Story: The Bold Dare All

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As a young man, L. Ron Hubbard kept journal entries which today shed light on the thoughts and desires that spurred him in his travels and adventures, and became fodder for so many of his stories.

“It would be (and was) exciting to adventure in a world where something as unexpected might be waiting just over the next hill. It is pleasant to think of an era where such things might have been possible. But we are in no such era now. All geographical things are becoming too well know. And as they become well known so shall civilization seek, like water, a common level which shall hold no surprises for such as I.

“The Great Era of Adventure is over. The Ocean of the Air has come into its day and outward shall flow Sea Roebuck dresses, Time Magazine and the leaping images of the Lana Turners.

“Such a viewpoint is hideous to such as I. There must be wide spaces in which to think, strange music to hear, odd costumes to see and the elements to battle against. Man works toward bringing all things to his heel and killing or leveling all things different from himself. Money, nice cars, good food and a ‘good job’ mean nothing to me when compared to being able to possess the thought that there is a surprise over the horizon.”

—L. Ron Hubbard

For a story where the main character, Briscoe, lives with a similar philosophy:

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