The Story Behind the Story: Forbidden Gold

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As a young man, L. Ron Hubbard kept journal entries which today shed light on the thoughts and desires that spurred him in his travels and adventures, and became fodder for so many of his stories.

“The anatomy of adventure has been explored quite often. Young men are born with a will to it, rarely recognize their restlessness with clarity and usually succumb to the softnesses of Simmons beds and the warmth of a wife. …

“I have also multiplied and squared my desire to scratch my feet on far soil. …

“It is the horizon one never sees which lures him. And I have come to that state of mind, that supreme disillusion of knowing that nothing waits, that the horizon never seen does not exist. I am restless still. I have no goal short of the planets and the stars.”

—L. Ron Hubbard

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