• Typewriter in the Sky book cover

  • February’s Staff Pick: Typewriter in the Sky

    Typewriter in the Sky, is a clever and humorous tale wherein, Mike de Wolf, a dilettante piano player finds himself stranded in “Blood and Loot” a swashbuckling buccaneer adventure novel—”flashing rapiers, tall ships, brave men.” The novel is being written against an inhospitable publishing deadline by his friend, the eminent writer Horace Hackett. Not only is Mike de Wolf in the novel, but he discovers to his deep dismay that he has been cast as the notorious villain, Miguel de Lobo. Knowing full well that Horace Hackett villains are always fated to die, Mike-as-Miguel plots desperately to save himself and change the outcome of the story, while Horace pounds away on his “typewriter in the sky.”—B.W.

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