Here’s What the Readers Have to Say

  • Final Blackout book cover

  • January’s Staff Pick: Final Blackout

    A classic novel, an unforgettable character—The Lieutenant—in a world at war, an unending war, with all of the ramifications that war inflicts on a society and on people and on you and me is why this book is such a stunner and a brilliant piece of fiction. I have read hundreds of authors and hundreds of books in my lifetime only one book made me literally sob at the end. Not a sniffle, not a teary eye. This is that story. Every individual in a powerful position should read this book. Anyone who leads men, or wants to lead men should be required to read this book.

    Thought-provoking and powerful. No wonder Robert Heinlein said “as perfect a piece of science fiction as has ever been written.” —J.L.